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My Story

Hello, I am Shellsea, a Family Nurse Practitioner with a few years of experience in medical consultation on weight loss.  I have a fitness background and have been active in the past training with my sister Samantha who was in fitness show competitions and magazines.  I was overweight at one point in my late 20's and started implementing training and dieting habits in my life and have maintained my senior high weight for over 15 years now.  I continue training on my own for maintenance of my health goals of strength, weight maintenance, and a fit look.  This also boosts my self-esteem and confidence.

Whether you have big goals, small goals, or just questions I would love to help you start your health and fitness journey as you are right now.  We all need direction sometimes especially in areas where we don't know how to start, need information, or continued guidance to have the best outcome.  I am looking forward to starting a consultation with you to go over your health goals and develop a realistic dietary and/or fitness plan to fit your unique needs.  I am also ready if you just have general questions for me.   My goal is to get you to where you want to be by doing so in not such extreme measures and by slowly changing your diet.  If you choose to do activity then doing exercises correctly for what your body condition is in right now is a must to avoid quitting on your goal or having bodily injury.  Consider speaking with me if you are needing help and not wanting to just jump in a gym and start working out.  Also, if you have questions about diet and workouts or where to start or have concerns about working out with pain or other health issues and need some medical insight then please schedule a consultation with me!

The Process

For all weight loss or fitness goals there must be a combination of knowledge, mindfulness, and consistency in action.  I am here to start you on track from wherever you are beginning to get you to your goal of feeling and looking better for life!

Let me develop your unique plan for dieting and fitness workouts to implement weekly and help hold you accountable weekly for each step of the way!

Included separately will first be the individual consult where we will talk about your past health history, goals, and recommendations to reach your goals. If you would like to continue on your journey with me you can choose monthly plans that can include recipes and fitness plans personalized for you as well as a video check-in on your progress and for any questions you may have.  I can also consult for health questions in general without intention to select monthly plans.

I truly hope you decide to join me in becoming your healthier you for life!

First Step Guided Health & Fitness
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