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About Me.

Hello, I am Shellsea Ruden MSN, APRN, NP-C.  I have worked in nursing since 2008 at various sites including, hospitals, clinics, schools and long-term care.  Over the past few years I have worked in a weight loss management and bio-hormone therapy clinic in Round Rock, TX.  I find my joy in focusing on weight loss and fitness goals as I myself love a workout routine and feel it is essential to health and wellbeing.  I would like to start out helping people from where they begin their health and fitness journey with all of your questions and concerns answered in the one on one consult first.  Hopefully you will continue your journey with me by joining any monthly plan selected that will give you diet and/or workout guidance, specifically targeted for your needs and concerns.  My commitment to my customers and their success is top on my list so please take advantage of the weekly meeting we can have to track your progress and keep the results coming.    My focus is on you and to get you to your health and fitness goal, no matter how great or small your goal may be.  

Health and Fitness consultation

Education & License


University of Texas at Arlington
MSN, Master of Science in Nursing.


University of Texas at Arlington
BSN, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

APRN Texas LIcense #AP143450

RN LIcense #806253


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Shellsea Ruden MSN, APRN, NP-C is a Family Nurse Practitioner with background in weight loss consultation and personal fitness health.  Focusing on helping individuals achieve their weight loss and fitness goals, and the health benefits that follow is her passion.  Schedule a consult today!

Be your Healthy self,
Be your Happy self.

I'm Shellsea, a family nurse practitioner with experience in medical consultation for weight loss with a fitness background.  Don't know where to start or have questions?  It's ok, let me help navigate you on your journey to better health, whatever goal and no matter how big or small it may be.   First step is to schedule a consult today!


Empowering You towards a Healthier Life

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